Prof. (Dr.) Jaspal Singh Sandhu
Vice Chancellor
Guru Nanak Dev University,

Education is not just knowledge, it is the application of knowledge in such a way that the crisis and questions that a society confronts in the course of its growth and development get resolved and answered. And to reach at this stature, education has to be skill oriented. Every learner must have some skill for a learner without any skill is like a fellow who knows the way to his destination, but does not know how to walk.

Things don’t end here. Education is also a whole-hearted endeavour to humanize man. It is a tragedy that modern man has learnt how to fly in the air like a bird, how to swim in waters like a fish, but he is yet to learn how to live on earth like a man. And this is at the root of almost all the disaster and disorder that mankind is facing today. Our education institutions have to be sensitized to this reality. It has to be kept in mind that our business is not to make machines, it is to make human beings with human feelings. Head, Heart and Hand must develop equally and concurrently. If we fail in this regard, our past will be ashamed of our present and our future will never rest us in peace.

With these thoughts, I welcome all the students of Guru Nanak Dev University College, Jalandhar, which with its competent staff is all set to offer a life- changing learning experience in a state-of-art infrastructure at the most affordable fee-structure.